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Tricia Rosson

Tricia Rosson

    • Registered Associate
    Tricia Rosson has more than 15 years of experience developing personalized plans for clients. She is a Registered Representative for R. Cross Asset Management and specializes in working with women specifically. Tricia is extremely organized, decisive, creative, innovative and above all, a great listener. Her goal is to help her clients make sense of what may seem overly complicated or overwhelming, easier to understand. She listens and takes the time to explain things because she truly cares. She loves being able to help prepare clients for all life events, even the unexpected ones.

    Graduating from Western Governors University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Tricia’s degree was in Sales and Sales Management. She grew up in the small town of Mena, Arkansas and currently resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas just east of Mena by nearly two hours.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Tricia working on the farm where she has 21 horses and can be found at horse auctions and riding the trails. Tricia loves to support the Loco Bonita Ranch horse rescue to help facilitate an opportunity for children, families and horses of all ages to come together. Many of the horses at Loco Bonita Ranch have been rescued from abuse and neglect situations, including impending slaughter. She is also a part of the Garland County Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Living every moment to the fullest, Tricia is passionate about horses, animals, gun competitions, hunting and camping. She treats everyone with love, respect and enjoys the adventures life has to offer.