Our Process

When clients approach us, they do so with the goal to preserve or grow their wealth.  Towards that end, we create individualized asset allocation strategies.  We being with learning about you, your family and your life.  We do this through personal interactions.  With your permission, we review documents related to your financial life.

We assist you in defining and prioritizing your financial goals, then place them in the context of your timeline and personal tolerance for risk.  The end result is a strategy designed for you to move forward with confidence.

Once the strategy is set, we explore the investment opportunities to try to make that strategy work.  Investments are considered with your objectives in mind and recommended only if they have a place in your overall strategy.

While we plan to meet with you, we know life happens.  Upon a change in your circumstances, we will work with you to reexamine the strategy to determine whether changes are required.

Please note, asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.