Different Types of Clients with Different Kinds of Dreams

Stiles Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors believes in delivering a life of ‘get to’s for our clients. During our collective 35+ years guiding business owners, individuals, and families, we’ve encountered several different types of ‘dream-retirement’ scenarios.


Continuing to work their passion at a reduced rate of time, with more flexibility for life’s callings.


Spending time with the grandkids, helping with their education and watching them grow.


From sudden wealth events to multiple streams of income to an unknown career span.

Overall, we learned 2 important things:

  • - No matter what it was exactly, every retirement dream we encounter is valid.

  • - No one wants a retirement full of ‘have to’s.

But what does ‘work-optional’ really mean? Throughout our time working with business owners, we found many had the desire to keep their doors open after what might be considered normal retirement age. It wasn’t about working because they had to, but because they wanted to. That is what we mean when we refer to a ‘work-optional’ lifestyle. It’s about delivering the flexibility for anyone – business owner or otherwise - to create a retirement full of ‘get tos.’ That guiding philosophy helped us develop services that help put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together.

Ask yourself – when you put your financial puzzle together, is the result a work-optional retirement? Learn more about our complimentary Second Opinion and get in touch today!

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