We begin our process with an introductory appointment designed to provide you with an opportunity to present an overview of your financial situation, concerns, and expectations. This includes your financial objectives, assets and liabilities, as well as the risk level at which you are comfortable. 

Our primary objectives for most of our clients are risk mitigation, investment management, liability management, and legacy planning. In addition, we consider your future needs for growth and income, as well as any desire to transfer wealth to the next generation. Based on this information, we can prepare an investment plan customized to meet your financial needs. 

The customized investment plan is designed to help you achieve your most important life goals. Each goal is assigned a priority, along with an acceptable level of investment risk, which in turn helps determine your ability to successfully meet your objectives. 

Your customized plan provides us with the information we need to make specific recommendations. After discussing the plan and being sure you completely understand and approve it, we implement the recommendations. 

We conduct periodic reviews of the plan. This ensures our recommendations continue to be consistent with your goals and we incorporate any new objectives.