Who We Are

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Wells Fargo Advisors has designated Brian Weinkle, CWS; Pamela Batson, CFP; and Andrew Weinkle, CIMA of the Weinkle Batson Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors as members of the firm’s Premier Advisor Program.   The Premier Advisor designation is held by a select group of Financial Advisors who have met or exceeded the Firm’s standards of three or more of the following:  length of service with the Firm, completion of educational components, business production, and professionalism. 
“How much should I set aside for my children's college education?”
“I want to expand my business. What are my options?”
“Guide me how to use what I've inherited, so that it's there for my children.”
“At what age can I retire comfortably?”
“Is my portfolio structured in the most tax efficient manner?”

Beyond the spreadsheets and market analyses, we are trusted consultants for life's most important decisions. We journey alongside you, in pursuit of what you want most for yourself, your family, and your future. Of all of our services , our greatest strength is our servant’s hearts in the level of care we extend to our clients.
Our team  feels a strong sense of accountability and responsibility to each of our clients. We are watchful shepherds of your assets, yes, but equally and by extension, we aim to take great care of you – your needs, your goals - at this moment in time and in the future.
Client service  is the cornerstone of Weinkle Batson's culture and what makes us unique among our peers. Our team members communicate fluently and frequently, and each of us is accessible and available to you. When you call, we pick up the phone. When you email, it comes directly to us, and we respond eagerly.
The highest compliment we receive is our clients' continued trust in us, and we appreciate the opportunity to share what we do for their benefit, prosperity and legacy.