Wendy employs a wealth management approach that integrates your objectives into a customized plan that can be updated as life changes occur.  She utilizes our sophisticated Envision® planning program with Wells Fargo Advisors professional resources where she strives to manage risk through strategic asset allocation.

Helping Clients Succeed Financially

It’s natural — and wise — to examine your financial outlook. A Financial Advisor can provide the advice and guidance you need to focus on your goals. I can help you start planning now for the future. I am backed by the resources, expertise, and investment selection of one of the nation’s most recognized financial services companies.

My Process

I work with businesses, foundations and a select number of high net worth individuals and families. I focus on striving to build wealth and deriving income from that wealth, as well as transferring wealth in a tax efficient manner. I help accomplish this through a disciplined approach of risk assessment, risk management and asset allocation.
I begin by asking questions to understand you, assess your goals and determine your financial objectives. Time honored strategies, including Modern Portfolio Theory are then employed to qualify and quantify your financial and personal information, and customize a strategy to best fit your objectives.
I use these strategies to help develop solutions tailored to your specific objectives, drawing from a wide selection of world class products and services.
Touch base for Service and Review - I can meet with you as your life and markets change to help ensure your financial objectives are being met.