We are the Garcia Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and we proudly serve our clients as friends and family. Our strategy goes far beyond the numbers and is anchored in the full understanding of your personal goals, your family goals as well as getting to know your business needs.
We understand that planning your future is based not only on your end goals, but on what you’d like to achieve along the way for your family, your business, and your personal ability to give back. For us to fully develop this plan we will get to know you, understand your end goals, and the milestones you would like to achieve along the way.
This all begins with a conversation…and we look forward to taking that first step soon. Let’s set a meeting so we can learn all about your plans for both the long term and along the way.
We’re not only focused on reaching your long term goals, but also helping you live them.

Who We Are

A husband and wife team with over 45 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, who knows just what it takes to get your financial life on track.
Serving multiple generations of families has been one of our greatest accomplishments. From the beginning stages of financial planning to seeing those who have reached their goals and are now living those dreams.

Along the way, we help our clients learn more about personal finance, investments, and the economy. Having the heart of a teacher and taking the time to explain and educate is at the core of what we strive to do. From family financial workshops to a financial literacy program for young adults, we try to educate as well as advise.
As a husband and wife team, we understand family dynamics and how difficult it can be at times to talk about money. We make it a point to ensure that we are speaking to all parties involved and that we provide a balanced male/female perspective.
This is the distinct advantage of having a team that can see your plan from varying views while keeping your priorities as our guiding light.
Let's have a conversation...where do you currently stand and where do you want to be?

Rest Assured


We aren’t are not only committed to our families and clients, we understand that our time and efforts need to be extended. Our community should also hold a priority for us to give back. We feel strongly that some of our time and efforts be spent giving back to our community.

Long after their children completed their time in recreational sports, Eric has continued to give of his time and experience to mentoring our youth through pop warner football as well as youth basketball leagues. Far beyond the x’s and o’s of the sport, Eric realizes these are the most critical years for these boys to build character, sportsmanship, and commitment to something bigger than themselves “ I love sports, but more than that I really enjoy being able to give my time to help build up these boys as they turn into young men”.
Connie lends her experience, guidance, and resources to a local women business group she established years ago. She has established a group of female entrepreneurs looking to find support in their thriving businesses while working hard to find their place in the current economy.

Connie and Eric have also established a “Financial Literacy” program for young college aged adults. They feel like they missed out on so much critical yet basic and simple advice that when Connie and Eric look back to when they were young adults, they realize that they were not exposed to the tools and knowledge necessary to make smart financial decisions. They are dedicating themselves to getting young adults off on the right foot. Connie says, “We are working in our community to help bright young adults avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced fell into at their age. Instead we want to help them build a strong financial base for their lives…there is nothing more rewarding than hearing them say, “I too want to do the right things to create wealth …I’m going to start saving right away.”