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Larry Larrison

In Memory of Larry Larrison

In September of 2021, The Arlington Group Investment Consulting's founder, Larry Larrison, passed away at the age of 78. Larry found his life-long passion in the financial field. He worked as a financial advisor for several firms before starting The Arlington Group Investment Consulting.

Larry will be remembered for his infectious laugh, warm hugs, teasing manner, financial savvy, sense of humor, belief that he was blessed, and love of life in the moment. He had an internal magnet that drew him to people, nature, any bookstore within a 10 mile radius, or table laden with food.

Larry was happiest when working with clients who became friends, cruising the Great Lakes in his boat ("Dividend"), walking through the woods with grandchildren, captaining a pontoon boat on Crystal Lake in Michigan, standing with cigar in hand while stoking a fire pit, and either reading a book or in companionship with family and his friends.

Larry leaves behind a legacy of solid wisdom and a leadership style that The Arlington Group Investment Consulting and its clients will benefit from for years to come.
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