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Our process is built on our commitment to helping you plan effectively, invest wisely, and map a realistic course for your future.
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In your first meeting with us, we will identify your most important goals. We’ll also explore the people you care about in your life and how you want to help them. We’ll ask you about your attitudes toward money, your other advisors, and your existing assets.
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eMoney is a proprietary Wells Fargo Advisors program, into which we input all your financial goals. These goals may include retirement income, leaving an estate, weddings for children, buying a second home, etc. We also input your assets, income, and additions to your portfolio, such as 401(k) contributions. You tell us when you plan to retire and give us assumed life expectancies.

Based on thousands of market simulations, eMoney gives you the probability of success in achieving your goals. A snapshot of your progress toward your goals will appear on your monthly investment statements, and we’ll review it regularly at our quarterly meetings with you. We will update the plan at least annually, or more frequently, based on your needs.
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We will contact you to schedule meetings to review your investment planning. We prefer to meet in person regularly; the meetings can be done by phone. Most of our clients like to talk on a quarterly basis.
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Our Team meets weekly to discuss our clients and to ensure we are providing timely and meaningful service to our clients. We also meet quarterly to discuss broader client service issues, and annually to plan for how we can do a better job serving our clients in the coming year.