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Retirement Plans

You operate your business with the highest level of commitment and responsiveness. Your retirement plan demands the same attention, and your employees deserve the best.

We help you explore, define and prioritize your plan goals. Part of this process is the evaluation of your plan for cost competitiveness, regulatory compliance, potential liability and overall plan effectiveness. We value your employees and commit that they will have access to all of the investment planning services we offer.

Plan and Vendor Evaluation

  • Plan Design Consulting   
  • Plan Provider Consulting
  • Solicitation of proposals from over 20 potential providers
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Evaluation of Proposals and New Services    

Plan Implementation

  • Creation and Documentation of Investment Policy Statement
  • Development of Education Policy Statement & Communication Strategy
  • Due Diligence on Investment Options
  • Assistance with Section 404(c)  Requirements
  • Diversification and Analysis of Styles within each Investment Category
  • Coordination of Enrollment Meetings
  • Organization of Participant Education

Plan Services

Participant Services

  • Enrollment Meetings
  • Review Meetings
  • On-site Investment Education
    • General Investing
    • College Savings Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Life Event Planning
    • Distribution Options for Retirees

Plan Sponsor and Committee Service

  • Plan Review – Investment Benchmarking, Expense Evaluation, Regulatory Compliance
  • Investment Policy Statement Review
  • Education Policy Statement Review
  • Monitor Program Enhancements
  • Transition Support Given Provider and Sponsor Personnel Turnover
  • Benchmarking of Plan Services offered, Utilization and Overall Plan Competitiveness
  • Formal Plan Review Periodically and as Needed
  • Evaluate Plan Demographics
  • Solicit Bids from New Vendors