Our Process

We at Burk, Hall & Co. have developed a refined process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together for our clients. 

Burk, Hall & Co. is a full-service advisory practice dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and preserve their hard-earned assets. Our practice is completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients -- not to a parent company. We only recommend strategies that can be tailored to suit our clients' unique needs. In order to create and maintain a comprehensive investment plan, we follow a three step process:

1.Gathering information and analyzing your financial situation to develop a clear picture of your current assets, liabilities, and risk tolerance;
2.Designing a financial strategy that takes into account the full range of needs you have now, and those goals you may have in the future; and
3.As requested by you, reviewing your plan, consulting with you to make appropriate adjustments, and assisting you in keeping your plan on track.