Our Process

Without a goal and a plan, it is difficult to achieve your objective. This is why a process is so important. At Burk, Hall, & Co. we start by getting to know our clients. We ask in-depth questions to discover their needs, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. It is through this thorough process, we are able to understand our client’s financial history, current financial structure, and future financial objectives.
Once we have a complete picture of our client, we develop a customized plan based on their unique set of objectives. Through straightforward communication of these ideas, we ensure that our clients understand all aspects of our plan and their options. Once we know where we are going and how we are getting there we begin our journey together, using this customized plan as our guide. Implementing our plan through an investment model that best fits our needs and goals allows us to walk through our financial journey with confidence. 
Unlike other investment plans, we don’t just set it and forget it. Through regularly scheduled reviews, we are able to adjust course as the landscape on our journey changes. It is this collaborative approach that we hope gives our clients confidence and peace of mind that wherever life takes them they have a guide to help navigate through the journey.
We look forward to being a guide for you on your financial journey, customizing a plan that will bring you confidence and peace of mind.