Community Involvement

Callahan Financial Management Group, LLC (CFMG) takes great pride in giving back to the community. We care about the communities and country we live and work in.  Below are the organizations we are associated with;

Wounded Warrior Project:   We have a strong belief that our injured service members should be supported and cared for. We have teamed up with the “Wounded Warrior Project” which provides awareness and aid in meeting their needs.  To learn more about and how you may be of help to our injured service members along with their families go to

Centerville Noon Optimist:   Callahan Financial Management Group, LLC is a supporter of the Optimist Club which serves the youth of the local community. Centerville Noon Optimist provides programs and activities to benefit youth in the local and surrounding communities. The purpose is to help them grow and prosper as future leaders.

NCAA Local Organizing Committee (LOC):   The "NCAA First Four" tournament games continue to be an extremely important event for the University of Dayton and the Dayton Region.  The LOC's primary objective is to further the Dayton Region's position as a preferred hosting site for the men's NCAA Basketball Tournament.  These objectives include securing additional commitment from the NCAA as it relates to hosting the kick-off to March Madness.  Callahan Financial Management Group, LLC is a sponsor of this event as well as serves on the committee.  

University of Dayton, Student Mentorship Program:   Callahan Financial Management Group, LLC has been involved in helping and mentoring students in the school of business while at the University of Dayton.