Why Adam Wealth Management Group?


Whether we're working with a new client or continuing to help reach the goals of clients who have been with us for years, we strive to simplify the complicated aspects of their financial lives. We've often found that people simply need someone to put their interests first, and for many people, we are that someone. At its core, our work as financial advisors is about friendship, integrity, and trust. We help families live the life they want, and in some special cases, the life they thought they couldn’t have.

At Adam Wealth Management Group, we create a very personal experience for our clients. We try to make emotional connections by asking you the right questions, truly listening to your answers, and demonstrating a sincere interest in your life. For us, it’s about the quality of the journey and making a difference along the way. We’re devoted to making our work meaningful – working with great people, keeping it enjoyable, and making a measurable difference in the lives of those that we work with.

There are a few things we’re looking for when starting a new relationship. First, we need to determine if we can help – we're looking for enhanceable circumstances and an opportunity where we feel we can add substantial value. Second, we're looking for achievable goals that have an outstanding chance for success. Lastly, but equally important, we are looking for chemistry. We work closely with our clients and their families, and we like to make sure we can have a good working relationship. And of course, we hope you'll feel the same way about us.

Our goal is to be the last advisor you will ever have; someone who truly knows and understands your entire financial picture and is able to address all challenges systematically. We're convinced that the collaboration of the best of Wells Fargo Advisors on your behalf will lead to better ideas, better solutions and better client outcomes.

We listen. We collaborate. We explain.
Every day, we will go out of our way to become fully invested in you.