Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Process

In addition to our responsive, in-house team, we draw on the vast resources of Wells Fargo Advisors – as well as our extended networked of tax professionals, attorneys and estate planners – to help support your family's wealth management needs. Our highly credentialed, multi-disciplinary team has diverse skill sets and deep experience in all areas of wealth management.

As our client, we believe you will benefit from a collaborative relationship that seeks to address your needs. We follow a four-step process that is designed to provide a structured approach, while allowing for careful customization as your unique needs and situation dictate. Your information is kept organized, accessible, and current. We'll keep you informed of your progress through regular reports. Ongoing periodic reviews helps ensure that your plan remains aligned with your goals, and those reviews allows us to make minor adaptations as your goals change over time. With a structured plan and maintenance process in place, it's our goal to keep you informed of what's been done, and what's coming next.


Step 1

Not every advisor is a good match for every client. At our initial meeting, we'll introduce you to our process and approach, get to know a little about you and your needs, and decide if it makes sense for us to work together.

Step 2

Next, we'll engage in a discovery process to help uncover the details of your wealth situation. We'll take the necessary time to understand your vision, values, and priorities. Additionally, our team will seek to gain a complete understanding of exactly what you want your plan to accomplish, and how your other advisors fit into the overall strategy.

Step 3

Now that we understand your current situation and goals, we'll analyze that we've learned and define a clear investment strategy that focuses on your key issues.

Step 4

After the initial implementation of your plan, we'll continue to coordinate and oversee your investment portfolio, and you can monitor it to help make sure it stays on track with your goals. Quarterly performance reports and periodic review meetings will keep us up-to-date with any changes in your life, and you and your other advisors up-to-date with our progress on an ongoing basis. Investment plans – like any plan – require regular reviews to help ensure that they still reflect your needs.

If ever a friend or family member of yours needs help or asks you about me, give me a call and I'll be glad to meet with them, walk them through my process, and determine if there is a fit. Feel free to pass along my contact information. I would be happy to call on, introduce myself and schedule time to meet.