From the Desk of Chris Davis


We believe our role in your financial journey is to help give you confidence in your future, freeing you to focus on your true wealth, the aspects of your life that are most important. Whether its travel, your children’s education, or simply less time working and more time with family, we believe your true wealth is to be defined by you.

Your balance sheet and income statement, while important, are only a small part of your life’s story. Let us help you manage your financial wealth so you can concentrate on your true wealth.

Personally, I am proud to serve with my teammates in our pursuit of “wealth management with a purpose.”  Each of you is unique and has a life story to tell and to live.

We believe that serving your story is a worthy aspiration. We also realize that we need to produce results.   We are diligent and disciplined in our service to you every day, because it is still important for you to have confidence in your financial future.

Why do we do what we do?

You matter.  Your story matters.  Your true wealth matters even more. 

Thank you for visiting our website.

Christopher W.  Davis, CFP, CIMA

Managing Director- Investment Officer