Our Process - Our Services

At Davidson Wealth Management, we help build, manage, preserve, and transition wealth for the families and institutions we serve. We do this so families can pursue their dreams and institutions can concentrate on their corporate mission. 

We operate in three teams to bring you our brand of service, selflessness, skill and diligence.

  • Wealth Managers dedicated to knowing, understanding and serving your financial life
  • Client Service Professionals dedicated to serving you
  • Investment Managers, skilled and seasoned, applying daily management to your portfolios
Our practice focuses on the 4 cornerstones of wealth management:

Liability Management
Risk Management
Trusts, Estates and Fiduciary Services accessed through Wells Fargo affiliates


  • We apply institutional consulting principles
    • help develop sound, effective strategies
    • select professional investment managers
    • review fund assets relative to client objectives
    • make recommendations as conditions and goals change
  • We provide advisory services – Private Investment Management
    • our practice serves as your personal investment manager
    • we manage 12 strategies of varying risk/reward
    • we have the ability to customize
  • We collaborate with clients
    • non-discretionary investment management
    • structured strategies
    • non-traditional strategies

Liability Management

  • We evaluate both sides of the balance sheet – asset and liability
    • lending services available through Wells Fargo affiliates
    • income planning for retirement or debt service
    • education funding

Risk Management

  • We evaluate risk at multiple levels
    • income replacement
    • premature death
    • concentrated wealth
    • illiquidity
    • healthcare expense
    • portfolio volatility
Trusts, Estates and Fiduciary Services accessed through Wells Fargo affiliates
  • Vast resources available through banking and trust affiliates in addition to non-affiliated companies of Wells Fargo Advisors.  We serve and support throughout the term of thier particular need

Our process always begins by listening to our clients. We listen to learn.  Our clients speak about their past experiences, their current circumstances as well as their dreams and aspirations. We take this information and engage in a rigorous process in which we study, analyze, stress test and model various solutions to help our clients achieve their financial objectives.

The process continues by presenting our findings, recommendations and advice in clear terms – no technical jargon.  Once we reach agreement with our clients, we implement the plan in an independent, objective, unbiased and cost-effective manner. 

Each plan is as personal and unique as each client.  Once a plan is implemented, we meet with clients to review, evaluate, and adjust to reflect the inevitable changes in our clients’ lives and in market conditions.
*Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC
*The PIM program is not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts, and may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.