Why Choose Brenda?

All things being equal, what would make you choose Brenda DeVore to help guide you through the maze of financial choices and steward the important decisions that impact your future?

Service and Hospitality

Brenda came to Keller in 2002 with a purpose in mind. She wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She wanted to become part of a thriving community of caring citizens who were connected and contributing.

When she arrived, she and Stewart had no children in Keller schools, they were not connected to any church or organization in Keller, but her heart had said, “Go!” and she answered. Given the opportunity to build a business from scratch, Brenda soon became deeply entrenched in the community and Keller became a living, breathing part of her soul. She opened her heart and has served and hosted community projects and events ever since.

Honor and Commitment

Over the past 15 years, Brenda has continued to honor that original quest—to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. She has faithfully served her clients and their children, and their children’s children … spanning generations, earning their respect and trust along the way.

Brenda surrounds herself with people of extraordinary character. Whether client, employee, or friend, she intentionally connects herself to people of high integrity. When she meets someone who has dreams and goals for their family, who have like minds, she rolls up her sleeves and will move heaven and earth to help them reach those aspirations.

From Life to Legacy

Brenda operates from a mindset of abundance and contribution. She loves helping others move into that place of having more than enough to meet their needs with money left over to enjoy life and share with others. She stretches the dream and helps people see not just what they need now, but what they need for their future, and also what they want to leave behind … from life to legacy!