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Our wealth management knowledge, applied with The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group techniques, is important in helping you, the investor, realize your financial dreams and objectives. Your personal and business assets may need to be invested, sheltered, and managed for many years, so it is paramount that your Financial Advisors have stellar experience, education, and ethics. Our knowledge works for you.

A Dynamic Approach to Wealth Management

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Rhonda J. Finby & Jonathan F. Kimmes

Rhonda J. Finby & Jonathan F. Kimmes

      The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group provides wealth management assistance to investors. This Group is comprised of four professionals highly-trained in investment planning, account supervision, and support. The Finby Kimmes Wealth Management Group’s Financial Advisors are Rhonda J. Finby and Jonathan F. Kimmes.

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      At Wells Fargo Advisors, we’ve built one of the nation’s premier investment firms around a deep respect for planning. Our commitment to helping you plan more effectively, invest wisely, and map a realistic course to your future years is nowhere more evident than in our Envision planning process.


      It’s no secret that markets move in cycles, most often in tandem with the ups and downs of the global economy and industries behind them. Lean years often follow boom years and market bubbles. Recessions give way to periods of growth, stability, and investment. We’ve been through our share of bull and bear markets over the past 125 years, and we will leverage that experience to assist you in navigating the complex world of investments.


      Tracing its roots to 1879, Wachovia Securities, LLC, grew over the years through mergers with some of the industry’s most respected regional and national firms, including the 2007 acquisition of A.G. Edwards, Inc., by Wachovia Corporation. Throughout their histories, Wells Fargo Advisors’ predecessors were known for exceptional service based on trust and knowledge and for corporate cultures that put clients’ needs above all else.