LifeStyle Planning

Life is about change, and everyone makes choices daily that impact their life. At times it can be very overwhelming, especially if you don't know your options, or where to begin. 

The goal of our lifestyle planning program is to provide the guidance needed to understand and bring a situation into perspective so that you are able to explore your possibilities. This includes having access to information such as:  how-to articles and checklists, educational  booklets, and a network of other professionals that can assist simplifying choices. This is a valuable benefit that is complimentary to our clients.

Some examples of life planning are:

  • Sending a child to college  
          We can sit down with your child and discuss issues such as; budgeting, protecting credit, and basic investment planning
  • The passing of a loved one  
          We assist you in organizing, and streamlining a very tedious process during a very emotional time
  • Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid  
          We can help you navigate and understand your options, and put you in touch with our resources
  • Choosing beneficiaries
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Job changes  
          Resumes, career switch, 401(k)s, pensions, benefits, internet applications, job searches, networking...
          the list of items to consider is long - let us help you shorten it.
  • What is beyond retirement? 
          Do you want to go back to school, do volunteer work, travel full-time, or try your hand at your own business?  
          Retirement is not what it used to be. For many, it is often the start of a new and more fulfilling phase in their life.

  • Estate and Trust Planning Strategies