New Client Meeting Experience

Our Process  

We believe the best chance of achieving financial independence is to have a process and a plan in place. This process involves client participation from start to finish to ensure accuracy and a complete understanding of what you want to accomplish. We value your time and opinions. We meet with clients on an ongoing basis in order to remain current with changes in their lives and financial needs. Below is what you can expect when working with us.


Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is a great opportunity for us to get a better idea of your investment goals and experience, time horizon and risk tolerance. You'll learn more information about our team and if it would be a good fit to help your family reach your wealth management needs. This meeting typically takes about an hour.

Strategy Meeting

Your second meeting with your team is designed to develop a shared vision of your dreams. You will be presented with a plan tailored to fit your current and future goals, along with specific investment recommendations to consider. Your portfolio is developed from a customized asset allocation that is based on your risk tolerance in order to fully optimize your investments.

Comprehensive Annual Review


Regular evaluation is key. 

In this meeting, we work with clients to review their progress in meeting their goals. An effective investment plan requires ongoing maintenance and communication to help evaluate performance and suitability. Your plan will be reviewed regularly, and the allocations within your portfolio will be rebalanced as necessary based on changes in the markets, financial goals or life transitions.

A team member will be in touch before the meeting to update your financials to ensure accuracy of your plan. Some examples of information we will need are:

  • Copy of last year's tax return
  • Current statements for banking, investment, retirement, and pension accounts
  • Estimate of your annual expenses
  • Balance, interest rates, and monthly payments on credit cards, mortgages, and other loans
  • Copy of your most recent Social Security worksheet

Client Communication


We proactively communicate with clients throughout the year on items that are relevant to their personal lifestyle and investment plan. Some examples are: economic updates, invitations to client events, investment product changes, and lifestyle education.

With permission, we also work closely with a client's other professional consultants including their trust advisors, accountants and attorneys, to help ensure that the client has a cohesive wealth management plan.

The Envision® Process:

Utilizing goals-based guidance, Envision® is an effective, easy-to-understand process for achieving your most important goals. The objective is to allow you to live your life in the best way possible, without undue compromise to your current or future lifestyle, and without taking unnecessary investment risk.

The Envision® process allows us to work with you to continually monitor your progress throughout your life, always answering that key question: How am I doing? With the Envision® process, we are ready to bring new clarity to your life goals and enhance your confidence in achieving them.