Our Wealth Management Process                                         

At Harm & Harm Financial Consulting Group we implement a four step process to help you manage your wealth, built upon the Four Cornerstones of Wealth Management.  In our rigorous disciplined process, we: 
1)  Listen and Understand. We always begin by listening to our clients. Our clients speak, and we learn - we learn about their past experiences, their current situation, and their dreams and aspirations.
2) Study, Analyze, and Model Information to Develop Solutions. We go to work with the information that our clients provide for us.  After studying and analyzing the information, we model and develop various strategies using available software and resources to help them achieve their financial objectives.
3)  Explain and Implement. Once our financial advising team has devised the appropriate solutions, we explain our findings, our recommendations, and advice in clear, simple English - not industry-exclusive jargon. We pride ourselves in presenting our financial advice in an independent, objective, unbiased, and cost-effective manner.
4)  Review, Evaluate, and Adjust. Once we have reached an agreement with our clients about how to reach their personalized financial goals, together we review and evaluate the plans that have been put in place, making adjustments whenever necessary - as market conditions change; as changes occur in tax laws and regulations; and as changes occur in the lives of our clients and their families.
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