Utilizing a Global Perspective

In our opinion, some of the world’s largest, fastest growing and best run companies are located outside the United States. By investing globally, we are able to add diversification to our client’s portfolios.

Comprehensive and Disciplined Approach

Hanley | Jaggie | Barry Wealth Management Group uses a comprehensive approach to analyzing global markets, identifying the most attractive investment categories, then selecting individual stocks, bonds and other securities to enhance the performance of your portfolio.

Flexible Approach to Investing

Hanley | Jaggie | Barry Wealth Management Group offers a number of investment strategies to take advantage of evolving market trends. At different points in the business cycle and changing economic conditions various “styles” perform better or worse compared to the overall market. These investment strategies include Large-Cap: Value, Growth, Core and Dividend Emphasis. Additionally we offer a Multi-Style portfolio which incorporates many of these strategies along with small and mid-sized stocks, international, and emerging market exposure.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Hanley | Jaggie | Barry Wealth Management Group, within specific guidelines established for various investment objectives, can vary the stocks, bonds, and cash allocations to accommodate for future as well as current market conditions.

Choosing someone to help manage your money is an important decision.

Our team will guide you on your investments and understand your financial goals. We will have detailed conversations and meetings to properly assist you with your unique objectives, needs, and risk tolerance. These defined discussions enable us to outline the specific objectives and strategies best suited for your overall situation.

The Private Investment Management (PIM) program provides you with just this kind of service — and more. The PIM program is designed for investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio of individual equities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, as well as fixed income individual issues, and proactive asset management.

We believe pursuing financial security means growing your assets and preserving what you have accomplished. PIM Portfolio Managers are backed by an array of research analysts who have the skills and tools to help you achieve your financial goals. The PIM program is an innovative way to put these resources to work for you. By working with your Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager, you receive the benefits of objective advice and asset management guidance based on your needs, goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance.

The PIM program is not appropriate for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.