Market Recap Videos

2023 February Market Recap

Spring will officially begin on March 20th, and we are all ready for it.  

2023 January Market Recap

As we start the new year off with earnings season and begin tax season, we hope you all are staying strong with your New Year’s resolutions.

2022 December Market Recap

We hope you all have enjoyed the holidays.

Now that it is January, its time turn the page on 2022. 

We all are setting our New Year’s Resolutions and plans for 2023.

2022 November Recap

We hope you all have filled your bellies this past Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know we did. As we shared thanks in November, we are looking forward to sharing gifts this December.

October 2022 Market Recap

October is over and I am sick of candy and ready for great things in November. 

Although Election Day is great, Thanksgiving is my favorite day in November!

Turkey, carbs and gravy are all on my plate.

September 2022 Market Recap

This is a year that has been as emotional and rocky as any that we can remember.  Coming out of COVID, you would think that we might get a break from the turbulence.

August 2022 Market Recap

It is now September, which means football, cooler weather and our kids are back in school… yeah, sorry teachers.

July 2022 Market Recap

You can’t save the whales and drive a $200k sports car. Unless of course you’re already a multi-millionaire from some other career path. And understand that you may have to go to college longer if you want an advanced career like doctor or scientist, but with those career paths you may not have as much free time as you may like. We think having this realistic conversation with your children may benefit them. It can always be revisited later.

June 2022 Market Recap

While the market continues to absorb all of the incoming financial data about inflation, earnings and interest rate changes, we realize this is a challenging time for all of clients and investors in general. We are here to discuss these changes with you.

May 2022 Market Recap

We know the market has been challenging to start the year, and when you are looking at your accounts online and reviewing your statements you can often be left feeling stressed or anxious. We want to discuss your investment plan with you and we are here to talk.

May 2022 Market Recap

This month, let's take a look at the impact of the markets, the many fun things May has in-store for us, and of course… barbeque!

April 2022 Market Recap

Not only are we excited to announce our Shred-It Event will be taking place again this year on April 30, but we're also looking at the state of interest rates, the Russian economy, and the growth of overseas companies.

March 2022 Market Recap

Along with the unpredictable Ohio weather, our three key concerns this month center around the developments in Ukraine, the potential for an increasing interest rate, and the ongoing supply chain management issues.

Click here to read Wells Fargo Investment Institute's report about how Russia's invasion of Ukraine may impact the firm's portfolio guidance.

February 2022 Market Recap

In this winter weather update, we review the ongoing labor shortage, the state of the stock market, and high-level Q4 2021 company earnings. Oh, and we hear from our friend, Punxsutawney Phil.

January 2022 Market Recap

Our special New Year's edition of the monthly market recap covers the effects of the Omicron variant, the Build Back Better Act, and an update from the Fed.

December 2021 Market Recap

This month we take a look at inflation in the economy, Americans' rebounding travel plans, and of course, Cleveland's sports teams.

November 2021 Market Recap

We continue to see supply chain disruptions this month, and we also take a look at recent earnings growth in the U.S. and consumer confidence.