Hello, this is James Mayer, Branch Manager from the Huffman Mayer Paolo Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors.

So I saw a friend of mine over the 4th of July and he looked great. I asked him what health strategy he was using. So we go on talking about all the benefits of his new keto diet mixed in with his exercising. He recommended a book, so I bought it, and I started to read it on the way home. It was intriguing enough for me to start keto and now all I dream about is bread and french fries. If I really wanted to get serious about it, instead of reading a book, buying a subscription in some random help and wellness app or watching YouTube videos, they should have just hired my other friend's wife, who in fact, is a personal trainer.

If you have ever dealt with a personal trainer, you understand they're going to create an exercise and meal plan that works best you, including certain workouts, various intakes of proteins versus carbohydrates, and a minimum, maximum calorie goal. Like personal trainers, our team is going to understand that different factors and goals that makes you you and formulate a financial strategy specifically for you. Your goals may be different than your coworkers, friends, or even your family members and this is okay. Nobody's going to have the same retirement goals. Therefore, they will not have the exact same strategy as each other. So let's build your strategy together for a comforting future just the way you want.

We always want to talk with you. Please call the office, schedule an appointment. As always, stay happy, stay safe, stay healthy and hopefully we will see you very soon.