Your wealth means more than numbers. It reflects your closely-held values and priorities.

But what if the only thing that’s missing to help you fully express your wants and wishes is an investment plan, personalized for the life you want to live?

I believe my data-driven approach, built on a foundation of professionalism and strengthened by a dash of creative thinking, can help unlock more possibilities.

And nothing would give me a greater honor than to do the same for you.

Who I Work For

I see my clients as real people, each who have real hopes, real fears and real dreams.
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Multi-Generational Families

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Retirees In-The-Making

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The Recently Rich

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Busy Professionals

The strategies I create for each type of investor are as singular as they are, because what works well for one person won’t produce the same outcome for all.

Making Investment Plans by Taking an Interdisciplinary Approach

Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum — and your plan shouldn’t be created in one, either.

My corporate finance background helps provide me with an inside track into how publicly traded companies think. And I’ve learned that details compound, one by one, in ways that can affect the strategies used to grow or preserve your wealth.

In addition, as a member of the Financial Therapy Association, I am better able to synthesize the behaviors, feelings and communication my clients express about their wealth so I can build a plan that best defines them.

My Clients Say I Am...

• Knowledgeable

• Their Trusted Advisor

• Insightful

• Creative

• Straightforward

• Considerate

Katie Rozen

Let Me Do The Worrying

For many, the unknown can be troubling. But no matter what the markets do, my clients find comfort knowing that I will be by their side — through the good, the bad and the ugly — unwavering in my responsibility to help make their life better than it was yesterday.

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