Introducing others to:

Kirkpatrick Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Dee Kirkpatrick, First Vice President - Investments

Jeff Kirkpatrick, Managing Director - Investments

As a client, you are in a unique position to introduce others to us, so that they, too, might benefit from our services. 

Whom should you introduce?

  • Family members, friends or associates who share your attitude, lifestyle and level of wealth accumulation.

  • Many of our clients are entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers.

Why should you introduce someone?

  • We strive to offer outstanding service and sound financial advice.

  • All discussions are strictly confidential.

  • There is no obligation or cost associated with an introductory meeting.

  • We will treat your friend with the same respect we offer you.


How do you introduce someone?

Step 1

  • An introduction may be appropriate when the topics of money or investing come up, and someone you know needs guidance.

  • Begin the introduction by explaining how you have benefitted from our services.

Step 2

  • Ask the person whether he or she would like to meet us.

  • Call our office, with your friend’s permission, and give us his or her name, address and telephone number.

Step 3

  • Please tell your friend that there is absolutely no obligation and explain:

  • We will send your friend a client kit like the one you received.

  • We will call to set up an introductory meeting where we will have the opportunity to see whether we want to work together.

  • Should we all determine there is not a fit, we will do our best to direct your friend to a resource that is better suited to meet his or her needs.