The planning process is designed to help bring clarity to your financial life. It helps you align your financial life with your real life. As we work with you, we will explore your life goals, plan your investments around benchmarks that hold real meaning for you and help you track your progress toward them.

Step 1. Starting the conversation

During our initial conversation, we take the time to learn about you and your family and share information about our team, investment approach, planning philosophy and our process to determine if it is a good fit for moving forward.

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Step 2. Learning about your situation

We gather information and details of your current financial situation. Think about it as cleaning out your messy garage. We gather all your information for your financial and investment garage and then begin to go through all the information to make sure we have a good inventory of all your assets and investments.

Step 3. Creating your customized plan

Next, we go about setting up the hooks and shelves in your financial and investment garage to help organize and plan for your future. We employ our sophisticated planning software to help create your strategic asset allocation and investment strategy. We'll also create coordinated wealth management strategies to consider your life and retirement goals, assets, liabilities, cash-flow requirements, levels of acceptable investment risk and asset allocation strategies.

Because your wealth management plan may cover many different areas and multiple generations of family members, we may also coordinate with your other professional advisors.


Step 4. Dealing with change

Just as you need to continually reorganize and make adjustments as new items appear in your garage, we will work with you to keep your investments and plans up to date with your changing life. With our personal approach, timely communication and high level of client service means we are here for you and can talk through any necessary adjustments to your strategy.