Like the Constitution, an investment plan is the work of many minds. It is a plan that will be challenged and changed during the course of a lifetime to accommodate the cycles of life and the financial environment. The Logan Square Group of Wells Fargo Advisors brings a customized approach to the investment process.

We start with a personal conversation designed to help you, your family and your advisor clarify your financial goals, prioritize your objectives and identify your assets. This is part of the Wells Fargo Advisors' unique Envision® process, created to build long-term relationships. The trust you place in us is extremely important. Full disclosure of your assets and establishing comprehensive goals are essential to the success of your investment plan.

We are process-driven. Once we have defined your goals and cataloged assets, we develop a unique plan and investment strategy. What you have discussed with us is crucial to developing an in-depth analysis and investment direction. This is different for each of our clients. We present that plan and strategy for your review and, with your agreement, we proceed in executing the investment plan.



Our wealth planning process focuses on developing a clear picture of your unique needs and goals, and leads to a personalized action plan that aligns solutions with those goals.

The wealth planning process begins with a core planning review that helps enable you and your family to:
  • Identify and prioritize your most important wealth management goals and concerns
  • Review a net worth statement to gauge your progress toward reaching those goals
  • Articulate how you oversee your investments and view your personal tolerance for investment risk
  • Create a checklist of important estate documents, including wills, powers of attorney, living trusts and beneficiary designations.