About Us

Families have unique needs, such as guiding the younger generation while planning for future wealth transfer. At Martin Wealth Management, our clients benefit from our years of experience in helping multiple generations to enjoy life while also planning for the future.

Our approach is direct and straightforward. We will have an open conversation to uncover needs you may not be aware of and put them in the context of your life. As we discover what is most important to you, learn about your family situation and your approach to money, we clarify goals: How do you want to take care of your family? What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want your wealth to accomplish?

Together we develop a plan to help you make informed decisions that truly reflect who you are while striving to meet your goals and needs. Drawing on our Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Investment Management Analyst® credentials*, our advisors are equipped to analyze investments on a deeper level and provide true comprehensive investment planning.

We believe that building wealth is just one part of the journey. Planning for future wealth transfer is equally important as guiding the younger generation today. Martin Wealth Management clients benefit from our experience, education and specialization in helping every generation to reach their financial goals.
**Laura Martin Miri is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and a Certified Investment Management Analyst®.