Business Owners

“We recognize that a client’s  business life is inseparable from their personal life.”

Business owners face many challenges in managing their wealth. Since the company or professional practice is one of the business owner’s important assets, our team works to offer customized products and services to help enhance its success and profitability. We provide trusted advice and guidance to address many questions, such as:

What role does the business play in my overall wealth plan?

How do I determine the value of my business?

What are my business’s short and long-term cash flow needs?

How do I manage my restricted/concentrated equity ownership position in the company?

I want to retain my key employees. What are the options available for offering an employer sponsored retirement plan?

How do I balance saving for retirement while managing my business?

What are my options for passing my business along to a child?

How will the sale or transfer of the business impact my plan, and what does a potential sale look like?

Do I have the appropriate insurance coverage for my family and my key employees?

What are some options of buying a partner out?

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