The LifeSync® Experience

The LifeSync® experience pulls together the people, tools, and guidance to help you make decisions, including:

Your advisor from Wells Fargo to help you understand where you are now and where you are headed, and to create a plan to guide you every step of the way.

High-end technology and tools to make it easy for you to plan for the future and stay connected to your information and your advisor.

Access to Wells Fargo specialists for focused guidance on specific strategies and solutions

What LifeSync® is

LifeSync® is a planning experience that brings together what people want in “life” with the ability to “sync” with their values and aspirations. It creates a personal path for each individual, helping them make more informed financial decisions. Whether someone is just starting out on their journey, comfortably on the way, or ensuring things are in place for the next generation, we can help them align their values with their financial priorities and make sure they stay in sync over time to help maximize the impact of their money. LifeSync® is the combination of our people (expertise) + content + tools + solutions that equates to the collective client experience. The process is consistent, but the experience is unique to each person. LifeSync® is not just a plan, or a tool. It’s a holistic client experience. 

Experiencing LifeSync®

There are five stages in the LifeSync® experience to help you answer questions most important to you — whatever your journey.


We listen and ask questions to discover who and what is important to you. This helps you define your values, goals, and priorities.


Your advisor can create a personalized plan to connect the pieces of your financial life using robust technology to simplify complex planning. Collaboration between you and your advisor is a key part of fine-tuning the plan to clarify goals and set the stage for the future.


You will have choices to make. LifeSync helps you compare your options and make informed decisions with the help of “what if” scenarios.


It’s time to put preparation into action. Your plan may include custom-tailored solutions and strategies to help you move the needle closer to achieving your goals.


As your life changes — as it inevitably will — LifeSync helps make it easier for you to adjust a plan through actively connecting with your advisor and access to mobile technology.
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