Investment Management Approach

Russo Wealth Management Group is focused on using our highly specialized skills and proven experience to help our clients develop a financial strategy designed to meet clearly defined goals. A core tenet of our investment approach is the discipline to ensure you stay the course with your long-term investment plan during periods of market declines and growth.

We help clients develop a strategic and tactical portfolio asset allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize potential returns. That’s because a properly allocated portfolio is more likely to participate in long-term market gains while reducing exposure to short-term market volatility.

This includes creating and implementing a custom-tailored investment plan, benchmarking progress towards reaching financial goals, and making necessary adjustments due to changes in a client’s personal situation and/or market conditions. 

Our multi-generational planning approach allows us to build relationships with your family to help them understand the challenges of investment planning and properly managing inherited wealth. You and your family get the clarity and advice necessary to plan for the responsible stewardship of your family’s wealth over generations.