The Sabin Wealth Management Group 4D Process

Our process focuses on illuminating your financial life – providing you understanding of and control over your finances, helping to lead to confidence, and successful outcomes.

The focal point of our process is the creation of your Financial Strategy Action Plan (FSAP), an executive summary making the complex understandable and actionable, to you, your loved ones, and trusted professionals. It centers on individualization, organization, and your strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Our four-step process focuses on the 4Ds.

  • Fit meeting: We will discuss the client-advisor relationship, expectations, and what’s necessary for a successful long-term relationship
  • Review of investments, liabilities, and estate documents
  • Analyze current asset allocation vs. goals
  • Discovery process to gain a comprehensive understanding of your personal resources, liabilities, and short- and long-term objectives
  • Goals often include: traveling, children’s education, enjoying retirement, and charitable giving
  • Evolution and changes based on life events and stages often mean a change in priorities and a need for specialized financial guidance
  • Utilize the Financial Strategy Action Plan (FSAP)
  • eMoney process helps uncover highest priority goals and objectives, and determines likelihood of successful retirement
  • Strategy Overview Sessions
  • Expense planning worksheet helps you better understand spending needs in retirement
  • Healthcare cost fact finder allows us to more accurately estimate your expected Medicare and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Income center helps ensure we are optimizing retirement income
  • Tax-efficient withdraw strategies
  • Potentially use annuities and fixed income to help provide retirement income
  • Recreate “paycheck” in retirement using systematic, scheduled transfers to client's checking accounts