Our Guiding Principles

No matter what the differences are from client to client, no matter what the industry trends may be, and no matter what is happening in the world, we operate under a set of PRINCIPLES that is the same for every client. These principles include straight-forward conversations, using understandable, low-cost investments, and putting our clients’ interests first – and they guide us every day in working with you.

Why We Became Financial Advisors

From Rick Salus…

For many people, their family and their health are the most important things in their lives. The same goes for me, and the work I do every day influences these things for my clients – many of which have become my friends. That's what I became a financial advisor.

Because I'm able to care holistically for their financial life, my clients have more time to focus on the things they care most deeply about. Children go to college, people retire gracefully, couples move into their first homes, businesses start, charities are supported… all of this, in part, because of the work that I do.

It all boils down to acting as each client's CFO and focusing on the four sectors of their financial life:

  • Planning their finances
  • Investing to accomplish their goals
  • Borrowing if they need to
  • Protecting and transferring their wealth

Having this type of role in my clients' lives is why I love my job, and that’s why I became a financial advisor.

From Curt Kruse…

Much like my business partner, I've always enjoyed playing the role of CFO for my clients. In doing so, I'm able to take the emotions out of investing – which can often lead to over-reactions to market fluctuations – and focus on the business side of investing. My clients task me with being their first line of financial defense, and I respect that responsibility to the highest degree.

To that end, there's often no greater joy than being there for my clients as they accomplish their goals. As you can imagine, it's a rewarding feeling when I know I've played a part in my client funding a child's education, giving back to their favorite charity, or even leaving a legacy to the next generation.

In my role, I also strive to simplify complicated ideas so that my clients can understand what they're up against. Because I know the right questions to ask and I know how to listen for the important aspects of the answer, I feel that I not only solve the problem, but I find the right solution.

For all these reasons, I am proud and honored to serve each of my clients as their advisor.

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