Helping widows financially navigate through an enormous amount of change without feeling isolated & alone

Widowhood And Our Approach

We understand and empathize with women that find themselves recently widowed. Our experience with clients that are widows has allowed us to adjust our approach to the advisor-widow relationship. We are guided by 3 key phases related to clients in widowhood.


The phase one of the grieving process is a time when a widow is the most vulnerable, in large part because her thinking can be impaired. During this time, she needs to know that we understand her. It is at this time we emphasize empathetic listening and reassurance, when major life or financial decisions should be avoided. Her most urgent need is to get her financial house in order, including securing her cash flow, filing for benefits, changing account titles and organizing her finances.


Next is the growth phase, when she is more prepared to engage in planning her financial life. It is the time to focus on basic financial planning issues, such as investments, pre- and post-retirement and insurance. Any discussion of her future living arrangement can begin here.



Lastly is the healing phase, when a widow is ready to focus on herself and how she wants her new life chapter to unfold. It is a time for discovering a new purpose and embracing her independence. She may find it through her career or her family or through deeper involvement in her community. This is when the work of advanced financial planning begins.

However, coordination and collaboration between the various disciplines is crucial or the advice is often disjointed or even contradictory, which can lead to confusion or paralysis in a widow’s decision-making process. Financial advisors are best positioned to function as the team quarterback to ensure all involved parties are on the same page. This will do more than anything else to provide our client with the assurance that her needs are being met.

We Are The Widows Personal Financial Coach

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Anyone who has ever tried to learn a new skill or achieve a higher level of performance understands the value of a coach. A good coach works with his clients to educate them, set goals and keep them on course towards achieving their goals. More importantly, a coach keeps his client from making critical behavioral mistakes. In trying to gain control of their financial lives, most widows are on unfamiliar ground. They need guidance every step of the way, but they don't necessarily want to be led.
Widows want to build their understanding and confidence by learning how to make good decisions. A financial coach is her partner in that learning process, teaching her what she needs to know and thinking alongside her to come up with the right solution.
Working with our widowed clients to help them regain their financial footing, confidence and life ambition is an extremely rewarding process for us.  Give us a call today and we’ll walk you step by step in the direction to help you feel secure + sure of your financial future.