It starts with a complimentary consultation

During the first meeting, you and your new financial advisor, Lis Spaine will get to know each other. Because finances are so personal, you should feel comfortable that the relationship is a good fit.

Your financial advisor Lis Spaine will use our holistic approach to understand what's important to you. Before providing any recommendations, she will ask what your life goals are related to your investments, what objectives you hope to achieve and your comfort with risk. You'll discuss the amount of time you'd like to commit in your investment decisions, which options are available, and what fees are associated with those options.

This first meeting is important and will enable our team to begin to develop a tailored plan just for you. Should you decide to become a client, Lis and her team will be your partner, looking out for your best financial interests and tracking your progress throughout your life.


Holistic Investment Management Process

We utilize The Arlington Groups 6-step Holistic Investment Management Process® to help you achieve your financial goals.

Step 1: Getting to know you.

Step 2: Where do I stand today?

Step 3: What are my short term and long term goals?

Step 4: Can I realistically get there ?

Step 5: What’s the plan to get there?

Step 6: How can I stay on track?

We know that when it comes to financial matters, the value of professional advice and a proven process is vital and cannot be overestimated.