An Analogy for Working Moms

By Lis McNealey Spaine, CDFA®
Owner, Financial Advisor

An analogy for working moms

By Lis McNealey Spaine, CDFA®
Owner, Financial Advisor

For those who say you can’t be a mom and manage a full-time career, I would disagree. Yes, it is challenging, but it is also EXTREMELY fulfilling to be in both roles.

I view it as a balancing act, and I use a stool as an analogy to balancing life. Life is “legs”, each one representing what is important. For me, one leg is kids, one leg is career, one leg is friends and one leg is spouse/family.

I check in with myself weekly to ask “is one of my legs wobbling” and if the answer is yes, then I give a bit of extra attention that week to that “leg” so that my legs can keep me sturdy.

Here are a few of my favorite tools that help me with this balancing act:

Favorite tool to prepare for my week
A successful week starts with a solid plan. Each Sunday I take time to plan out my week by going over my work schedule, kids schedule, date time with my fiance, exercise and friends time.

Favorite way to kickstart my day
I typically start each day with a morning workout. Although I am tired, it gets my energy increasing and I love feeling accomplished early in the day!

Favorite way to get exercise when I am short on time
Exercise is extremely important in keeping all your “legs” sturdy. Even on the tough days, I make time by running, using weights and even walking the dog.

One way I reconnect with my kids
My kids are such an important leg in my hypothetical life stool. If I feel this leg is getting a little wobbly, I typically ask my kids for one-on-one time, i.e. dinner or an activity of their choice.

What are your “legs” and how are you keeping them sturdy? I’d love to hear about your favorite tools that help you succeed. Together, let’s inspire and support each other!

Lis McNealey Spaine is owner of The Arlington Group Investment Consulting and a third-time winner of the Working Mother and SHOOK Research's Top Wealth Advisor Moms Award. A true leader in the female focused financial advisory niche, Lis builds upon the group's strong foundation and core offerings to drive growth and champion the group as an emerging advisory company in the divorce, widowed and life transition niches. As a previous divorcee and mom to three wonderful daughters, Lis understands firsthand, having gone through a divorce, the importance of financial confidence.

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