Our Services

Wealth certainly creates its own opportunities, and it's also true that—no matter how acquired—it creates a unique set of challenges. We believe these challenges are best met through a deliberate, planned approach with a trusted investment professional. By focusing our energy on achieving a well-conceived, comprehensive plan, we believe we can reach your financial goals.

Our Wealth Management Solutions include:

  • Asset Allocation & Investment Planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Modeling

  • Education Funding Analysis

  • Estate Plan Strategies

  • Insurance Planning

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Retirement Income Analysis

  • Stock Option Planning

Our Comprehensive Approach to Private Wealth Management:

1. Setting goals. We start by outlining your goals, such as pension benefits, retirement income needs, or your child's education.

2. Follow-up meetings. Our group will spend the time necessary to meet with you and work through a measured process to achieve your desired goals.

3. Analysis. We perform a holistic analysis of your current situation and investment holdings, evaluating both risks and opportunities.

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a tax or legal advisor. Insurance products are offered through non-bank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo and are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC is a separate non-bank affiliate of the Wells Fargo & Company.

The Armillary Group offers specialized wealth management for dentists and specialists. We leverage our dental-specific experience and expertise to help dental professionals plan, invest, and make work optional at an earlier age, using an integrated wealth management process and open communication with your accountant, attorney and other professional advisors.

Average Dentist Retirement Age: 69 • Average American Retirement Age: 63*

Our commitment to you: We will use our industry expertise to push beyond general advice you may have been given to construct a plan that is as unique as you and your practice.

Our integrated wealth management approach analyzes your personal and practice finances to design and implement a plan that helps put you on a path to achieving financial independence. The result is a lifestyle where you are free to devote your energy to getting the most out of your practice, your personal life and your wealth.

Among other services, our key offerings include:

  1. Cash Flow / Liability Management

  2. Wealth Planning / Investment Management

  3. Insurance

  4. Practice Retirement Plan Design

  5. Tax Strategy Integrated with your CPA

  6. Practice Management Tips and Industry/Peer Benchmarking

  7. Asset Protection Incorporated with your Attorney

  8. Education Planning

  9. Charitable Gifting

  10. Legacy Planning and Wealth Transfer

Our dental-specific consulting process is designed to be beneficial to you, your family, and your practice. We welcome the opportunity to host an introductory meeting to explore further how a relationship with our team can aid you in making smart financial decisions and ultimately make work optional at an earlier age.

*The Health & Policy Institute - American Dental Association (2017)

We can help you navigate the complexities of choosing and implementing a retirement savings program. Our approach to providing retirement solutions is based on these core tenets:

  1. Design Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and objectives before recommending specific solutions. This includes listening to understand what's important to you in a retirement savings program and uncover any areas of concern that you would like to have addressed.

  2. Service Provider Evaluation: Based on your goals and objectives, we will identify plan solutions that align with your goals and identify service providers that are able to provide the level of support you desire. We are platform agnostic and have the capability to work with your existing providers as well.

  3. Team-Based Approach: We will engage in an open-ended dialog with you and your chosen advisors, such as your CPA and attorney, to collaborate to ensure your retirement plan is on track with your goals.

  4. Service and Support: We provide continuing educational programs, resources for plan participants, and enrollment meetings for new employees, and we assist retiring employees with retirement plan distribution strategies. We also conduct meetings with your investment committee to review plan investment performance.

We can bring all of these components together or we have the flexibility to “plug and play” specific services with those you already have in place for your plan.

Service Provider Search: 

  • Proposal evaluations

  • Negotiate competitive cost structure

  • Problem resolution liaison

  • Coordinate effective service strategy

Investment Strategy: 

  • Conduct detailed investment analysis

  • Assist with investment selection and fund recommendations

  • Provide investment guidance compatible with your plan's objectives, policies and risk tolerances

Performance Reporting: 

  • Conduct evaluation of your plan's investment options

  • Reporting outlining results and assisting with the evaluations of funds

  • Compare various aspects of performance identified in the IPS

Participant Enrollment and Education:

  • Onsite seminars

  • Customized enrollment meetings

  • One-on-one employee meetings

  • Participant newsletters

Plan Benchmarking: 

  • Participant utilization and overall plan health assessments

  • Fees and expenses cost comparison

  • Plan design & features competitive analysis

Fiduciary Management Education: 

  • Investment Policy Statement review

  • Education Policy Statement review

  • Fiduciary briefcase for plan record retention

  • Assist with document due diligence process

The Armillary Group understands the unique challenges of the philanthropic community. The ability to establish and fulfill the long-range mission of your foundation requires both strategic vision and sound investment insights. Our investment professionals incorporate their understanding of your foundation's policies and operations to ensure that we provide investment advice that helps fulfill your institution's mission.

Investment Planning Process

We utilize a five-step process to select, monitor and assess investment managers.

Step 1: Initial Screening. After your asset allocation has been decided and our asset mix has been approved, we begin the process of selecting investment managers. We target institutional-class managers that have strong investment capabilities, consistent performance, style integrity, experienced management, conscientious fee structures, and sound business practices.

Step 2: Evaluation. We perform rigorous quantitative analyses to evaluate each investment manager's past performance relative to peer groups and relevant benchmarks. We also conduct in-person and telephone interviews for further due diligence. A subset then moves to the next round for further analysis and approval.

Step 3: Analysis, Review & Selection. Selected managers will be interviewed to evaluate their expertise, research capabilities, buy-sell discipline, and risk-management techniques. Additional qualitative analyses are conducted including a review of business practices and transparency of investment process. To make our recommended roster, we must have complete confidence that the manager makes a compelling partner for you.

Step 4: Review. Once selected, reviews are performed on each manager which includes performance benchmarking, attribution and tracking error analysis, and consistency of investment style.

Step 5: Assessment. Managers may be replaced due to deviation from expected investment process, loss of key personnel, a change in your objectives, style drift, or for substantial performance issues.