With You Through Every Phase of Life

The Griffith Financial Group understands that different life events and stages often mean a change in priorities and a need for specialized financial guidance. Our experienced team is ready to learn about your needs and connect you to the right solutions.

Getting Married

Marriage can usher in many significant investment planning needs, from buying a home to planning for children. It can also require new dialogue as spouses learn how to develop an investment plan that addresses both their priorities.

Starting a Family

On average, it costs about $250,000 to raise a child,1 not including the cost of college. Planning and saving early is often the key. We will help you review options for life insurance coverage and college savings plans.

1U.S. Department of Agriculture

Job Transition

Changing jobs, careers, and life paths requires foresight and careful investment planning. It may involve returning to school or starting a new business. Our team can assist you with investment planning, 401(k) planning, and education funding.

COVID-19 Outreach

The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have taken – and will continue to take – actions to support our employees, customers and communities during this extremely difficult time. We continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation. You can find regular updates provided by Wells Fargo & Company at wellsfargo.com/coronavirus

Caring for an Aging Parent

If you find yourself responsible for the care of one or both of your elderly parents, it is important to understand your options.
  • Investment plan for living expenses
  • Overseeing parents’ assets
  • Exploring strategic investment opportunities to generate additional income
  • Managing retirement savings


Today’s grandparents are often far more engaged in the lives of their grandchildren. Sixty-two percent of grandparents provide some level of financial support for grandchildren, from paying for dance classes to contributing to college funds.2

  • Education funding
  • Gifting strategies
  • Estate planning strategies
2Metlife Survey

Starting Social Security Benefits

The decision about when to claim your Social Security benefits can be one of the most complex and important choices you will make leading into retirement. Our team will conduct a Social Security benefit modeling and benefit analysis to help work to maximize your lifetime benefits.