Adding Value To Enable A Life Well Lived

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Our team invests the time to get to know all the details that make each client’s situation unique. It's about honoring the relationship with each client and being fully invested in their success - enabling your life well lived.

Guidance & Counsel To Stay On Track

When clients have questions, an issue or an opportunity to discuss, the Kelleher Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is available via phone, email or in-person to provide the advice and guidance needed to make the best decision for each client and their family.


Wealth management is often complex and involves other professionals. As financial advisors, the team communicates and coordinates with each client’s legal, tax and other outside advisors to facilitate full integration and proper alignment of their wealth strategies.

Team Concept

Drawing on the Kelleher Group’s years of combined experience, the team draws on the deep resources available to create smart strategies to help clients use planning and investments to accomplish their goals.


We take an educational approach and provide information and updates to help clients gain insights into timely and topical issues that relate to investment and wealth planning strategies.

"As Financial Advisors, it's not just about money. It’s about solving problems and finding solutions to accomplish each person’s goals."

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