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Wells Fargo Investment Institute - The ascent of generative AI - What investors should know. 

Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically, CHATGPT has been a hot topic this year.  It has dominated headlines in a number of ways to include the ethics, dangers and of course the investment opportunity associated with AI.  The potential disruptions caused by generative AI could impact multiple industries long term given its focus on productivity, efficiency and cost reduction.

The attached Special Report discusses the generative AI Landscape with topics ranging from our Macroeconomic perspective to specific investment ideas. Read More

Doubting the dollar’s dominance? Don’t.

June 28, 2023: Investors have been hearing about the potential for the dollar’s demise for a long time. However, we do not see another currency with the liquidity and widespread acceptance to knock the dollar off its reserve status perch. To read full Market Commentary, click here.

Getting paid to wait
June 1, 2023: Currently, the purchase of short-term Treasury bills in the three-to-12-month maturity range offers yields in excess of 5%. Our theme is “getting paid to wait”. That largely translates into taking advantage of high short-term rates to temporarily invest in fixed income while waiting for eventual reinvestment into equity markets. Read full market commentary

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