Our Process

Exceeding Your Expectations

The Meritage Group of Wells Fargo Advisors takes a personal, customized approach to managing your investments, with extra care paid to your risk tolerance and the time frame of your financial needs. We address the daily challenges of the investment market for you, giving you confidence in your financial future.

As we begin the process of managing your assets, we will talk to you about your values, what money means to you and your plans for the future. Once we better understand your financial needs and values, we recommend a specific style of investing, which will seek to meet your investment expectations and operate within your risk parameters. As your needs change and evolve, we will reevaluate your situation to ensure we are always operating in your best interest.

Our team takes the management of your assets personally, and we place a premium on preserving your capital. Our foundation of seeking to protect you from undue risk leads to strict asset allocation and buy-and-sell disciplines. We are not restricted to any one asset, section, region, country, or currency, allowing us to select just the right investment strategies for your personal situation. We take a flexible, contrarian approach in managing your assets, and we seek to provide your investments a lower level of volatility within equity markets over time. Each member of the Meritage Group delivers a unique knowledge base and experience to your personalized portfolio, and we are available to you around the clock.

Our end goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you anchored in trust and met expectations, delivering the investment performance you need while mitigating risk to do so.