Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Of course you do!  However, not for the reasons most people think. 

As your financial advisors, our team be an objective third party who will use our experience to remind you of your goals and help keep you on track toward achieving those goals. We believe it is important to remain calm, unemotional, and objective when making investment decisions. We will advise you in those times when you get either scared or greedy. It is good to be able to run a calculator, but as your advisor, we will do more than calculations. We aim to:

Take inventory of your total assets
You’ll receive a detailed inventory of all of your financial assets so you can find out exactly where you stand.

Provide a customized portfolio review
We will review your account balances together then break down your holdings to analyze and identify any potential strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio.

Assist in wealth transfer planning
We will help evaluate whether certain wealth transfer techniques — such as a trust — are appropriate for your individual circumstances. We will use a team approach to coordinate the wealth transfer strategies with you and your attorney.

Coordinate the implementation of your plan
Any investment strategy, no matter how well-designed, is of little value unless it is implemented and maintained. We will help ensure that your investment plan is put into action and are happy to coordinate with your external professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, on your behalf. Wells Fargo Advisors does not provide legal or tax advice.

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