The Ideal Client

We see our team as specialists for a select number of families rather than a generalist for a huge number of families.  

Our "Triple-A" Clients have the following positive traits:  Assets, Attitude, and Advocacy.


We have found that we have the best relationships with clients who have a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets.  This allows us to take a holistic approach, considering the multi-disciplinary aspects of your financial reality, such as your investments, estate strategies, tax-efficient investing strategies, insurance reviews, and retirement income planning.


We are looking to work with people that we have chemistry with and are fun to talk to. We want to be viewed as trusted advisors rather than salespeople. We like working with people who see the value we add.

We are looking to be empowered as a central figure in all your financial considerations.  Our goal is to develop a meaningful long-term relationship with our clients. 

We don’t want to be one of several people selling hot ideas. Our best clients entrust us with their complete financial picture.

Keys to a Successful Relationship


We would like for the phrase, “You should call Wayne,” or "You should call Nate," to be something our clients say often.  We want to be considered a valuable resource that our clients generously share with their best friends and family members because they know that we will treat them with the same respect we treat all of our clients.

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