The Alexandria Wealth Management Group traces its roots back to Jones, Kreeger & Co., a Washington D.C. based brokerage firm. In 1956, Norman Schrott became the manager of the Alexandria Branch. In 1969, A.G. Edwards & Sons of St. Louis acquired the firm. Norman continued to manage the branch for the next 26 years.


The branch grew steadily over the years as Norman added Frank Key in 1981 and Ted Dicken in 1985.  


In 1995, Norman stepped down from his management duties to focus solely on his clients.  In his place, Frank was appointed the branch manager. 


Ryan Sprowls left the A.G. Edwards corporate headquarters in St. Louis to work with Norman at the Alexandria branch. As Norman began to wind down his career, Ryan and Ted took over the practice


Frank stepped down from his management role to focus on his clients and work with Ryan and Ted. This was the start of the Sprowls, Dicken & Key Wealth Management Group. 


Michael Romano joined the team in early 2016 after working in investment banking in NY and in the Wells Fargo Private Bank. Ted concluded his career later in 2016. 


Ellen Cleary was welcomed into the practice.  As a distinguished financial professional, she embodies the philosophy that clients deserve partners who share their vision, earn their trust and work diligently for them. 


The Alexandria Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is proud to have a long tradition of helping our clients meet their financial goals. From brand new relationships to those spanning four and five generations, we are excited to continue to serve our clients for many years to come.