I got into this business, because I have a passion for helping people. Helping them with their financial needs allows them to focus on the things that are most important in their lives, which I found often is family, friends, and community. They in turn get to help even more people, causing this positive ripple effect that I really enjoy being a part of.

I would say the thing that I'm most proud of in this business is that I followed my dreams. As a 22-year-old college grad, I took a chance to build a business and work extremely hard to make that successful. And most importantly, that success means that I've been able to help over the years all these families achieve their dreams as well.

It's a really great feeling when you've been working with a client on their retirement and estate planning goals and to see the happiness they have when they've attained those goals. Examples of that would be the countless families we've helped getting their children into college and the ones that have already graduated. It's very gratifying to know that we've played a significant part in that process.

It is important to us to get to really know our clients, because that's what makes us different. Managing money in many ways is the easy part. But truly customizing investment strategies, anticipating clients' needs or wants, or providing that next level of service only comes after doing the hard work of getting to know someone as a person, not just a client. These deep relationships allow us to connect and help multiple generations of families, which is the backbone of our practice.