Our Stewardship Planning Process requires a dedication to fully understand what is important to you.

AAA AHS_newsteps.pngOur planning process is designed to provide advice for life. It helps you bring together what you want in life with the ability to sync with your values and aspirations. As we work with you, we will explore your life goals, plan your investments around benchmarks that hold real meaning for you and track your progress toward them.


Step 1. Understand - What are the things I value most?

During our initial conversations, we uncover your values, going beyond just dollars and cents, and explore the human side of what you're trying to accomplish. Our comprehensive evaluation includes understanding your risk tolerance, dreams and priorities, retirement goals, estate investment planning needs, risk management and insurance needs. This in-depth discovery allows us to understand your total wealth management needs.

Step 2. Plan - How can my money make the most impact?

Next, we employ our sophisticated planning software to help create your strategic asset allocation and investment strategy. We'll also create coordinated wealth management strategies to consider your life and retirement goals, assets, liabilities, cash-flow requirements, levels of acceptable investment risk and asset allocation strategies.

Because your wealth management plan may cover many different areas and multiple generations of family members, we may also coordinate with your other professional advisors.

Step 3. Propose - What are my options and how do they play out?

We then review the plan with you and answer any questions you have. Your customized plan provides a complete financial picture for meeting your investment objectives including your cash flow requirements and strategies to control risk. It provides a personalized target asset allocation for your investments, and we provide guidance in a variety of specialized areas tied to the most important goals and objectives in your life.


Step 4. Implement - What is my best next step?

When you have reviewed your plan and are ready to proceed, we will complete the paperwork, account applications, asset titling and asset transfers to enable us to implement your plan. We will keep you apprised of the progress, and we will provide information on the reporting, statements and online access available to view your accounts.


Step 5. Revisit - Am I still on track?

As your needs, priorities and goals evolve, we will revisit your plan and make appropriate adjustments. Our personal approach, timely communication and high level of client service means we are here for you and can talk through any necessary adjustments to your strategy. We review your plan and can evaluate investment results based on your goals, so you’ll always be able to easily answer the question, ”How am I doing?”

Our collaborative planning process is designed to help bring clarity in defining your goals and building an integrated plan to help achieve them.