Our DNA® System centers around your unique financial characteristics, beginning with the following steps:

1st Meeting: Are We a Fit?

Everything begins with understanding more about you and helping you learn more about us. With our particular approach, we realize it is mutually beneficial to be “all things to some” as opposed to “everything to all.” In our first meeting, we will examine our compatibility and decide if it makes sense to move forward.

2nd Meeting: Gather Data

Next, we gather information about your goals, priorities, financial assets, liabilities, risk tolerance and more. We discuss costs and talk to you about how we are compensated. We ask you to complete a questionnaire to begin the planning process.

3rd Meeting: Present Plan

At this point, we will review your preliminary plan. We provide you with a net worth statement, defined financial goals, and asset allocation analysis. Once this information is confirmed, we will discuss financial strategies and the investment alternatives that will be utilized to meet your goals and objectives.

4th Meeting: Take Action

During this meeting, we will review your finalized plan which includes refining details of your particular strategy and executing on investment recommendations.