Community Engagement in Focus

We are proud to showcase the many ways our team is making a positive impact on our community. Through volunteering, we are not only helping others but also strengthening our own bonds as a team. We invite you to explore the stories and photos that capture the spirit of our committment to giving back.

Loop It Up - Book Box Library

Photographed above is our team getting involved with Loop It Up through their Book Box Library project. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with groups of excited kids, helping them paint and decorate their very own wooden book boxes. To spur a lifetime of reading, our team purchased books for the students of two classrooms at Brock Elementary School with the goal of filling the boxes with books to be taken home. The kids were all eager to express their creativity, and it was heartwarming to see their faces light up as they brought their book-box designs to life. We were thoroughly impressed by their talent and imagination.

The finished book boxes were truly unique and special, and we know that the kids will cherish them for years to come. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this wonderful project, and we look forward to volunteering with Loop It Up again in the future. 

Loop It Up is a Savannah-based non-profit that serves the local youth by focusing on youth arts and educational enrichment in public schools, community centers, museums, and partner nonprofits. The Book Box Library project is a community outreach program that provides wooden creates filled with books to kindergarten students in underserved communities. The project aims to promote early literacy and love of reading in children. This project is under Loop It Up's Looping Literacy Together Program which is an arts-integrated literacy program that uses creative and hands-on activities to help Pre-K and kindergarten students develop early literacy and comprehension skills, as well as fine motor and creative thinking skills.