Our Referral Policy

You may have noticed that we rarely, if ever, ask you for introductions to friends or family. It has come to our attention that this may have resulted in giving the impression that we are not accepting new clients. That is not the case. Our reluctance to ask you for introductions is simply a reflection of the value we place on our relationship with you. Under no circumstances do we ever want to make you feel obligated to us. At the same time, when we have conversations with people outside our client base we've seen that often, people have a tendency to overreact to changes in the markets, they read too much into the headlines they might read or hear, and almost no one seems to have a plan in place for managing their assets while approaching, or already in, retirement. With that being said, if you think someone important to you could benefit by talking to us about their financial concerns we are more than happy to set up a meeting. In fact, referrals from our existing clients often become our best new clients.